Long hair, skinny thighs

hello beautiful :)

I love God, i am a christian. I don't support unhealthy methods of weightloss, but i don't judge. I check out every blog that follows me, but i won't follow if it's unhealthy, that would be destructive to my state of mind.

my weightloss blog. i'm doing this the healthy way, about 1500 calories a day and exercise. i WILL be skinny. watch me.

you can talk to me, i don't bite ;)

so i re-read the post i made yesterday about being ‘sad’ so i didn’t work out and i swear i felt so pathetic so today i got off my bitch ass and worked out because feeling sorry for myself and having a pity party is not gonna help me lose weight, i need to actually do shit to get shit done. yayyy me :)

  • i’ve stopped watching Girls; it’s gotten boring tbh
  • i haven’t worked out since Monday. i’ve just been really sad.
  • i swear i will fucking lose my mind if i don’t lose weight before London.
  • i’m obsesssed with Thrift Shop by Macklemore OMGG
  • i’ve started to write more, ya know, just jotting down ideas when they come into my head. i really wanna keep doing it (my secret goal, not so secret now i guess, is to publish a couple of books)
  • whenever i get cute anon messages i always think it’s the one friend i know irl who knows about this blog.
  • i’m really getting better with my eating thank God. even though i’ve been down i haven’t been comfort eating/devouring everything in sight when i get home.
  • this has been an update.

if anyone wants my personal message me! (i’m on there more often anyway)

also i ate like crap all day today and i don’t plan on working out. some family has come to stay with us for a few days and the house is too crowded but tomorrow we go to the beach! YES it’s so sad i live in an island but only get to the beach like once or twice a year.

two separate posts about girl scouts/thin mints just appeared on my dash right below each other reblogged by two diff people.

also today i realised i’ve never had a twinkie and now i will never have one

also i am getting smaller (my legs and stomach especially thank you God!) but my weight is barely moving and its so frustrating wow

also i finished the fault in our stars and omfg it was so good and so sad i teared up in my office

also going through my archive from when i first started i was the quintessential summer blogger wowow

almost forgot to make this post!

i haven’t been on in a while blah blah what’s new?

ANYWAY, i worked out 6 days this week! Tomorrow is my rest day. THIS IS A REALLY BIG DEAL. i started this blog in the beginning of 2011 and lost 20 pounds half-assing 2011 then gained most of it back in 2012 blah blah

and this has been the first week in 2 years that i’ve actually set out to work out 6 days and actually do it. THE FIRST FUCKING TIME WOW (i hope my weigh-in tomorrow reflects this) also, i haven’t been eating as much junk as usual! YAY usually i get home from work and am on my lappy till i go to bed and am just aimlessly eating for like 7 hours but i tried this week not to do that. so i feel like my portions were good, maybe not the content so much (but working on it definitely!)